Rabu, 15 Julai 2009

28th - U get something not because U want it, but because who U are.

Song for this week : Maroon (working title)
Composed by : Zainal Zulia
Sajakiri International

I have an intention to update my blog fortnightly. Since I'm just moved to USJ, my life getting busier, hence, low motivation to write.

I find writing in English does bring my 'sincerity and honesty' to next level. I'm not good in the language due my vocabulary limitation. Because of this, I tend to construct the words inside my head, before put it in the piece of paper. My cautiousness is an advantage because it brings simplicity of the words.

I think so.
(any feedback are welcomed)

Add Math Module

Now I'm in the midst of preparing one. My own Add Math Module. I'm created a Matrix for it: Hard/Easy versus Important/Not Important.

The Matrix is the first step. To categorize it is harder.

There is no short cut in learning. One must take their own journey, with it own pace. As a teacher, I can only show the door. The student must enter by himself.

This is the hard part for the teacher, although this is not his total responsibility.

I never dream of becoming a teacher. Never in million years. My passion in Math drives me. Actually, I'm more passionate in the subject itself, rather than teaching.

This is the problem.

I can only teach whoever who has a good fundamental in math to become great. But not a slower one.

Like any talent like singing, i can only train & guide a talented singer to become excellence singer, but not a 'non-singer' to become a singer.

To take an Add Math, it is compulsory to achieve an A in PMR' Math.

And, INsya-Allah, I can train them to achieve A1 in Add Math.

Wisdom of Learning

Learning is never-ending process. When U think U had it enough, that is the beginning of stupidity.

To understand the world, one must understand thyself first. Sometimes we have to change how we see things.

It is easier to blame everything when things go wrong, but indeed most of the time we are the one who responsible for it.

It is harder to see inwards than outwards.

This is the most basic of life challenge.

Goal Setting

I have to admit I'm not an avid fan of goal setting, particularly the one with the datelines. It doesn't' moves me. It pressures me. Material possessions and money doesn't vibrates me, unlike most people. Maybe i have to write different kind of goals.

Or perhaps my goal is not about material possession. Bigger than that. Something more 'soft' and 'subtle'.

I don't know.

Actually I'm believer in serendipity. I doesn't have any specific picture in my mind, but as long i hold a beautiful & perfect picture of life in my heart, i believe that exactly what i will receive, Insya-Allah.

It's law of attraction.

I'm more interested into 'becoming', rather than to 'have'.

I'm more interested in 'building', rather than 'acquisition''

I just simply believe U get something not because U want it, but because who U are.

This is true philosophy of law of attraction.

So, what kind of person U want to be?

Movie : Ice Age III

p/s: Me also prefer Big Apple. Alwayz. :)