Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

3rd week of Feb 2012

Alhamdulillah. We did the routine scan with Dr Zulkhairi at Pusrawi Kota Damansara. last Wednesday. We are so happy that he confirmed our first child, which is due on July, is a girl. Yeay!

I did 20 minutes meditation this week. It's so simple; sit in lotus position, close my eyes, and quietly wirid on my mind; Subhanallah.

The result; only if I do it consistently, I feel creative! Not only that, alot of my curiosity and 'long-held question' been answered. It seems random; I get the ideas when I'm driving, bathing, or sleeping. 

To add up, I see my life in 'map view', rather than 'street view', in a flash. I feel alot calmer too.

Because of it, I got the idea to venture to another line of creative business ; web design for musician. This seem ambitious, but I've learnt a lot for the past 1 year and grew of passion for it. It's quite simple than it may seem. Thank U to Cpol for taught and helped me alot. I even thinking of team-up with him.

Thanks to my Blogging Mentorship with Aqiff & Aqill from, now I am confident to go to online/Internet industry.

Pulau Ilmu 
We already started Subang 2 free classes. Our aim is to make this branch as successful as the sister branch in Subang Perdana. And I will have to start to pay RM6,000 to Zul for the equity of 39% of the centre.

Azizul also told me Denai Alam/Bukit Subang is the way to go. So 3 branches within 5 years seems achievable & possible. Amin.