Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

5 Years Plan

Alhamdulillah. After 4 months of marriage, life is so good so far. I am the part-owner of Pusat Tuisyen Pulau Ilmu, and will start my online music portal soon, MuziKita.com. Which I believe will help my pet music project, Sajakiri to gain recognition, insyallah. On family side, we also expecting a child in 6 month. Amin.

1 – My important goal to family is I want to buy the house that currently we staying. It’s double-storey, and we loved its space and environment. The owner yet to open to sell. I admit we also not ready; we don’t have that much cash. But there is the intention goes : I WANT TO BUY THE HOUSE!

2 – In 5 years, I intend to earn passive income, more than active income. I want to stop for good home tutoring, or at least minimise it. Currently 90% of my income are from there.

I want to earn as a business owner, rather than self-employed. I have vision of how to develop both businesses; Pulau Ilmu, and Sajakiri/Muzikita. I will write in detail in both blogs, PulauIlmu.com.my and Sajakiri.com. Check it out!

3 – I want to go Hajj with my wife within 5 years.  So got to register with Tabung Haji soon.

4 – No family planning haha! We will never know how many children we will have, but I wont ‘stop’ it. It’s a gift from God, and we believe in abundance. The more we have, more merrier, and more abundance in our life.

5 years ain’t that long. I still remember 5 years ago, when I just started teaching.