Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009

The Interview : Sajakiri Music

Part 1

Q1 - What is Sajakiri is all about?

Initially, I'm just satisfying my craving of expression. Nothing more than that. I can't create more if i do not express. And i can't live if I can't express. I will eventually felt sick if i do not express. It is like a food for my soul, and i will have to keep pace, keep composing, if i wanna keep myself at peace. IT IS THAT BAD. And I'm just glad that I've found a channel to let it out, no matter how small it may seems.

I guess that the initial purpose of Sajakiri.

Q2 - How is Sajakiri is differs to the other musical identity?

-Hell, i don't know. The question is like "how different are U with the other person". Only the 3rd party will able to tell, perhaps.

Q3 - So, how do U see it differently?

-Well, personally, i would love to collaborate with other great musician, to create something greater and meaningful pieces.