Khamis, 29 September 2011

How I Met Her (Part 5-Final)

After the hi-tea ceremony, back into my car, I send her friend Anis first in her house in Gombak (so I can spend time together with Faeza). It was raining outside, and we had so much fun chit-chatting together. We talked about alot of other things, and perhaps more personal. But I still wasn't dare to ask her whether she single or not. 

She voluntered herself to do another cheese cake for me, but this time is FOC. I remember she said "yang cheese cake yang first dulu tak berapa nak jadi sebab tak 'sure'" I couldn't comprehend, but I asked her favourite food for as a 'complimentary'. She said she like shusi, and immediately I suggested Shushi Sakae in The Curve Mutiara Damansara. Upon arriving to her house, I misheard she said "Takpe la, lain kali", but actually she meant "Ok la, Shusi Sakae".


As I would understand later, for the 'first time cheese cake event', she was with another guy, (hence the cold reply from her). This time round (ACMAR event), she just broke-up. And lucky me, just in the right time and right place. 

Of course, we enjoyed our first date in Shusi Sakae (The Curve Mutiara Damansara)on 31 May 2009 at 230pm. And the rest is history!

Notable event

  • Aug 2009 : went for her graduation in UPM
  • Dec 2009 : Declared as a couple, when I got jealous of her boyfriend tried to contact her back. No way, Jose!
  • Apr 2010 : Met my Atok, and he said "Korang bila nak ikat ni, atok ni dah tua, takut tak sempat je"
  • Sep 2010 : met her family to discuss about 'our future'
  • Jan 2011 (1.1.11) : Engaged!
  • Oct 2011 (1.10.11) : Married!

Gudluck for us. Thank for reading and your doa. We need it. And hopefully our children read this, to remind them how I met and fall in love with their mother!

Selasa, 27 September 2011

How I Met Her (Part 4)

I told Shafri that "she is dating with someone else at the moment, and I don't want to interrupt", but being Shafri, he insist me to ask her whether we can go together to the ACMAR hi-tea. But I kept silence, until 2 weeks left. Shafri even follow-up with me "Kau dah ajak Faeza ke belum?"

Reluctantly,  I FB message her : 

To be honest, I did this for the sake of Shafri, (so when he follow up again, i will said i already asked her). So, no expectation at all.

A week later, to my suprise, she did sms me back : "OK. Saya boleh ikut, tapi ada kawan sekali nak tumpang". I said OK, but wonder whether friend is a guy, or a girl. I not even want to go to the hi-tea, but since she agreed to follow, i shall go too.

The ACMAR Day : 23rd May 2009

I picked her up, and to my relief, her friend was a girl, Anis. I tried to be cool and relax on the journey, and didn't show 'much interest' except as a 'regular friend'. We had a chit-chat about work and interest. I remember asking her favourite car, she said Honda Civic.

We arrived at KPTM (aka KYPM) , I had this nostalgic feeling; it has been 9 years since i left this college. I couldnt focus much on the hi-tea, I walked down 'to the memory lane' ; I visited alone all flours, surau, lobby, lecture room, basement, lifts, parking lot, stairs, and even my 'demolished' hostel nearby. Wow.

Faeza with her friends, and Shafri introduced me to alot of his friend. But my mind still wondering:

 "Faeza ni dah berpunya ke belum?"


Isnin, 26 September 2011

How I Met Her (Part 3)

Salam, bole amik cheese cake kat police station damansara utama kul 2? -faeza

I received this sms on Sunday, 12 April 2009. Now I got her number without asking directly to her! Bravo me!

She made a cheese cake, and I paid RM50 (she was a bit reluctant to receive, since the cheese cake was not 'for sale'). Then I brought the cake home, and ate it with my mum and siblings. Of course it was so delicious, and we all love it. Then I sms her "Sungguh sedap cheese cake cik Faeza ni", and she simply replied "Terima kasih". I was taken aback with such a short reply. The whole idea of asking her 'to make a cheese cake' was to start 'a real friendship', but her lack of interest demotivates me.

But my sis Yah was optimist " Orang perempuan 'takkan buat sesuatu' untuk orang laki tanpa ada apa-apa perasaan. Tipulah kalau takde apa-apa". But of course, I wasn't convinced.

Then I read her blog, although her post wasn't too direct, but I understood she was seeing someone else at the moment. I was disappointed, but not too much because we still early in relationship.

A month after (May 2009)

Again my 'angel' Shafri called me, and this time around he organised ACMAR, a hi-tea ceremony for Silat Cekak Hanafi club in KPTM Cheras. Of  course he knows I wasn't 'so keen' to attend. But he's smart guy, he 'bait' me with this : Faeza nak pergi, tapi takde transport. Aku dah cakap mungkin kau boleh tolong ambikkan dia"