Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

Bila Merdeka (Part 1 & 2) by Sajakiri

Music : Zainal Zulia
Lyrics : Cpol (Dhuat)

kaukah si jebat yang derhaka
'tau sang perwira disanjung
patutkah dipuja 'taupun dimurka
kerna timbangan tak sekata...

neraca neraka tipu dan dusta
sergah nista dengan jiwa
tegakkan dirimu sang perwira
bebaskanlah nusa mu...

sang perkasa
atur lah 

tarilah canggungmu di gelanggang
bersilat dengan irama...
biar memutih sang petualang
sumpah keramat bergema...

kernanya cintanya
 nusa bangsa
kernanya cintanya 

sang perwira
atur lah 

Cho : biarpun nyawa
 jadi taruhan
jasad terbilang...

mekarlah nama
 jadi sebutan
harumlah dikau

walaupun harung 
badai samudra
walau derita

kerana hidup 
hanya mulia
bila merdeka...

The Composition
I wrote the song 10 years ago (1999), when i was a young adult (or an old teenager) who loves heavy music, and expressing my inspiration thru aggression music. My band at that time, FOREO, play heavy music, particularly Metallica songs.

As far as I can recall, the intro riff was inspired by STP's Dead & Bloated and Nirvana's Aneurysm. However we never play the song in FOREO.

The Recording
I recorded most of the instrument 4 years back, using my MRS8. But i updated my vocal 2 weeks ago. This is my first ever 'growl 'vocal attempt .

Credit to Ken for lending his Gibson Standard guitar. Love the warm sound.

The Lyric
This is heavy music, so I need someone who can deliver 'heavy' lyric as well. And Cpol never dissapoint me. He always brings 'subtance & style' together. That's what I love about him. His previous work with me was Mantra Buana.

The tagline of the song is :
kerana hidup hanya mulia
bila merdeka...
So cool. So true.

The video
This is another great Video from Aniboom, my favourite animation video library. But the high resolution on the visual forces me to cut song to 2 pieces. Rather a cool solution. Now i have 1 song in 2 series, just like a movie.

Isnin, 10 Januari 2011



Most people fear uncertainty. Myself included.

Most people in society will opt for security, than uncertainty. This is predictable behavior of human. We never liked unknown, and grew fear out of it.

But from my observation, ONE human quality that withstand the fear of unknown : CURIOSITY.

Human development, knowledge & wisdom derives from this quality. Yeah, we fear of unknown, but our deep yearning to satisfy our curiosity is much stronger, and proven to be beneficial for human race for a longer term.

Unlike dinosaurs, our mode of survival is no longer 'survival of the fittest', but 'survival of the wisest'.

So, we should thankful & celebrate the 'uncertainty' event in our life. As we become more creative & thoughtful. Even this is our chance to make a 'quantum leap'. And lead to more fulfilling life.

On personal level, I don't have a 'secure' job to hold on (I am freelance tutor/musician), and uncertainty is my best friend. It's like go to nowhere without GPS.


Conclusion : we should acknowledge any unfavor event as an 'uncertainty' event. This is our chance to expand ourself, gain new insight, learn, produce creative ideas, and transformation for a better in our life.