Selasa, 6 Mac 2012

Why Death is The Best Inspiration

"Manusia yang bijak adalah mereka yang mengingati mati". Sabda Rasulullah.

 Steve Jobs said in Standford Commencement Speech 2005 , that " because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It is life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new .

For most of us, the death is an ultimate dateline. By knowing this, and keep reminding our self about it, we will do the most important thing : PRIORITISING!

First Thing First. : The Art of Living to the fullest

Only now I understand, living to the fullest does not means doing many little things, but rather, DOING THINGS THAT MATTERS. Personally for me, it is so simple; spending time with my family, teaching math, and creating new music.These will make my day.

Non of these activities about what I will getting; it is all about about GIVING. So my conclusion is simple ; To live life to the fullest, ONE MUST GIVE.

Because when we gone, people will remember by what U give, NOT what U have. For example : Steve Jobs. People care more about his creation, not his wealth.

"Carilah rezeki umpama kamu hidup 1000 tahun. Beribadatlah kamu umpama mati besok".

My view is ; why not we combine? Can our activities serve both? There is 'ibadat' in our work, and 'work' in our ibadat, insyallah.

So we got to focus about that, and 'relax' about the dateline, and live life to the fullest 'forever'.

As for me, what I want to give to the world : school that will be great without me, songs that inspired people after me, and zuriat that will excel beyond me. Amin.