Isnin, 18 Januari 2010

The Interview : Science & Math Institute (Part 1)

Q1: So how does Ur school contribute to society?

My school, other than academic excellence, particularly in science, has contribute in innovations & experiments in science. Like astronomy, chemical, engineering, etc. We had to encourage not only in left-brain abilities, but also in right-brain activities ; curiosity & creativity. We would like to contribute to the world with this, Insya-Allah.

Q2 : A lot of tuition centers, science oriented or not, and science school, both government & private institution, are so much on the market right now. How U see your institution differently from other. How do U compete?

This is good question. It is very hard for me to answer. The question is like ; 'why U have to play guitar, whereas there is so much musician/guitarist out there'?

My answer would be ; 'simply because i love play guitar'.

Quite the contrary, instead of competition, i see my school as a 'adding value' to the world of education. For me, the private institution for science is still relatively new in Malaysia.

I maybe naive, but what i want is just ordinary private science institution, only with inspiring standards. And I more comfortable thinking and focusing on within , (ie what can i do to make it better), than without (ie how can i beat them).

Competition is irrelevant question, at least for now.