Jumaat, 27 Jun 2008

Hairiza - Part 1

Hairiza is my first love. She's actually my second cousin. We were seldom met, but 'i get to know' her when i was 14. We exchanged letters for a year, before we stopped for a while.

She is so beautiful. When i say beautiful, what i really meant is beautiful within. And yet, physically, she's attractive.

Attractive + inner beauty = angel

But whats makes her so special because she is really kind-hearted, subtle, a great listener, and always see the positive side of things.

And i love a woman who always smile.

And when i was 19, i made a comeback by contacting her again. She was totally warm and welcoming me ever since. I really felt we had the chemistry (we can chat non-stop). And she shared same birthday date with my mum.

Then i confessed my feeling by sending her my self-written song titled 'Hairiza'. To my surprise, she was totally fine with it (i tot she would reject me on the spot) and had asked me to keep in touch with her as long as possible.

And we were getting closer ever since.

We shared trouble ( i had a family problem at the time) and she always be there to listen. And i always remember how she said to me "zainal, riza pun rasa apa yg zainal rasa, dan riza akan selalu di sini untuk mendengar".

How sweet.

Khamis, 26 Jun 2008

True love & soul..

We are not what we think. Our mind often play tricks, by persuading our emotions.

We are our souls.

A soul is sacred & pure. It is the shortest link to God. It always searching & seeking for true love. And will continue to do so until the end.

It knows no fear and boundary.

We must stand to what we love the most.

That is the purpose, and nobody will do it for us.

Coz true love will make us strong, stronger, and strongest!

Ahad, 22 Jun 2008

Tinggal Rangka

Aku hilang pulak aku punya hi-stats ni. Apsal ha? Dah tak bole tau sape2 bace blog aku yg tak seberapa ni ha ha. OK anyway semalam aku jam dgn budak-budak Sajakiri; Keno, Jaja & Meor. Best jugak sebab Meor (drummer baru) main drum tight habis. We are ready to rock! Aku bangga dgn Band aku ni. Semuanya 'give their heart out'. Fully committed.

Tgh2 jam tuh, kite mainla la lagu River kan, (next week nak masok studio kan), tiba2 biler main lagu 'Tinggal Rangka', rase mcm best plak. Alih2 Keno suggest record lagu 'Rangka' instead of 'River'. Hmm... Aku personally mmg prefer lagu 'Rangka' ni lagi sbb lg catchy..pastu kitorang unanimously agree.

Recording lagi seminggu...sempat lagi tukar lagu tuh...apa daa


'The appearance of things changes according to the emotions, and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves'
Khalil Gibran

Keindahan sebenar itu hanya wujud pada mata yg melihat, dan hati yg merasa saja. Bukan pada pemilik itu sendiri.

Jika kita benar2 merasai keindahan itu, ia sebenarnya mempamerkan satu sisi hati kite yg menghargai keindahan itu, yakni mencerminkan keindahan hati kita sendiri.

Hanya hati yg indah, dapat merasai keindahan itu...