Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

Syukur is the Best Doa

Often when we ask for something, we just ask directly as we hold the right as our own. Say, if we want car from parent, we ask them as if ‘their responsibilities to provide, and they should give to us as I am your daughter/son.’ Same thing when we ask something from God, it is like “God owe us’. That is why, in my humble opinion, 90% of us doesn’t get what we hope for.

It is like we want it from perspective of lack. It’s like ‘I should get those thing because I lack of it, and it shall completes me’. The truth is, WE ARE ALREADY COMPLETE. Again 90% of us forgot about this.  WE ARE ALREADY COMPLETE. I couldn’t stress it further. I didn’t mean complete in term of material, or physical. But from soul perspective, we are complete.

Thst’s why, I personally thinks ‘Syukur is the Best Doa’. Gratitude is the best prayer (we read Alhamdulillah in our solat many times).  We should be thankful just being alive.  For example, if U want car from ur parent, we should remember how they did their best to raise us so far. This would makes U love and appreciate them more.  Eventually, they will see it from us, and feel it. Given times, they, or God will give anything U ever wanted, effortlessly. Without asking them like a desperado.

I know this like fantasy, but we can see it everywhere if we ever notice. The harder part is not the manifestation, but the ‘consistency in gratitude’. We shall have practise a set of discipline for gratitude. Sort of ‘reminder of how lucky we are’. I believe we must ‘remind our self how lucky we are, in order to be lucky, all the time’.