Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Creating our own luck

  1. Don't blame others and play victim. Take charge and responsibilities. How unfair life it seems, we must see within ourselves first. As Carl Jung said "He who see outside, dreams. He who see inside, awakens.
  2. If we want something, don't focus on lack perspective of it. Aware that we are already complete. We want it simply because we want to enrich our life experience.
  3. Be thankful. Make a discipline effort to be thankful. What we focus, expand. If we are in state of thankfulness most of the time, things will fall into places, effortlessly.
  4. Istiqamah. Small effort with a disciplined routine is much more effective than big effort but no discipline, or no continuous effort at all.
  5. In order to be lucky, we must aware that we are already lucky.

Stop Doing List

Most of us focusing on "To Do List". And "Stop Doing List" seems odd. Inspired by favourite author Jim Collins, he suggested to write "Stop Doing List" on consistent basis. So that we can focus on what truly important. First thing first.

We had so much thing to do. So much activity. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable of doing nothing. For example, like most of people, i love 'facebooking'. But one day, my Internet was down for the whole day. So I really don't know what to do. 

After a while, I did something far more effective ; finish up my music project, spend time with my family, brainstorm for new idea and so on. 

Stop doing list is very personal. Try out yourself today. We will notice the difference between Urgent but Not Important activity with Not Urgent but Important one.