Isnin, 16 Februari 2009

8th: The riskiest thing is : not taking essential risk

Tag dari Yah
First time nih aku buat tag orang

a) Answer the questions below, do a Google Image Search with your answer, take a picture from the first minimal words of explanation.
b) Tag 5 other people to do the same once you've finished answering every question page of results.

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday :

I donno why me age stop 4 years ago

2. A place you'll like to travel to :

Nebula Cloud

3. Your favourite place :

Susah senang bersama

4. What is your favourite food(s)?

Goreng pon sodap!

5. Your favourite pet :

Naga kepala empat

6. Your favourite colour combination :

Dark Red n Black

7. Your favourite piece of clothing :

Lambang kejantanan

8. Your all time favourite song :

Lagu diorg sume sedap

9. Your favourite tv show :

Dari umur 3 tahun lagi..

10. First name of your significant other/crush :

Sexy n evil !

11. The town in which you live in :

Subang Jaya

12. Your screen name or nickname :

JZ : Jenal Zulia

13. Your first job :


14. Your dream job :

Papa lego!

15. Your worst fear :

Even this scares me

16. The one thing you'd like to do before you die :


17. The first thing you'll buy if you get $10,000,000 :

For 2nd time! Yeay!

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1. Dr Mahathir
2. Anwar Ibrahim
3. Dato Nawar
4. Romizi
5. Fadhilah