Jumaat, 24 Oktober 2008


Salam readers..

Life is a journey. In whichever route we choose, it will end someday. That's why we must choose the route that meaningful to us.

The Life is not all about ourselves. We are just one part of the Universe. Allah made us on purpose. It is our own task to discover our unique purpose.

If U already discover ur purpose, then have faith. Allah will guide U along the way. He will granted any wish U ask for, if only U follow ur purpose and have ultimate faith in Him, Insya-Allah.

Im sharing this to reflect my life. I already found my purpose; im just lacked faith. Faith in myself. But again, life is a journey. I rather die in the route, than just staying comfortably in home.

Faith is strong word. It is spiritual. It is the only way to connect with Allah, and Universe.

Have faith in Him; He shall have faith in U.