Selasa, 7 Februari 2012

Ist week of February 2012

2 major occasions last week. One is the engagement of Ija's cousin, Nurul Husna at Bukit Jelutong. Another one was a celebration on Fariz's 23rd birthday with Abah & Mak, in two separate occasions.

With Abah, we had steamboat dinner at usual place Johny's Summit USJ. With Mak & Co (HKA family, Kak Gi, Fariz, Etty & Ija), we went outskirt to Janda Baik, Zainai Guest House. A very nice village chalet, we lepak there from 8 am to 6 pm. We had so much fun barbecuing, playing cards Cluedo and Taboo, me playing guitar, laughing together. Thanks to HKA family, for bringing this whole new idea of vacation (and also the cards).

Ija said she had so much laugh & fun playing Taboo. Hanzo the gubbouy, an urban boy, taste a little bit of kampung feels, like playing water in the small river, and running across field of grass.

We had so much fun!

Trivia : 2 years back (early February 2009), we went to Manipal India visiting Khalis & Aff at the time.

Etty & Kak Gi

Pulau Ilmu
Alhamdulillah. Lin done a good job of collecting fees from students, as our policy has change to 'early of the month fee collection'. The amount collected for this week close to 5-figure sum.

And I also, for the first time, transferred salary to tutors.Happy me. We will meet Abah for the idea of 'what is the next step' for the centre.

Sajakiri Music
I'm in the midst of simplifying, so people would know that I am a COMPOSER, and write song to sell. There is so many things to 're-vamp'. I have an intention to post a new song every month (demo), and charge production fee from RM3k to RM5k.

I will write in of how I derive to the amount. And I would love to see a guest writer to write in blog.