Rabu, 1 Februari 2012

Setting up my priorities

My life priorities at the moment is my immediate family (Ija & unborn child), larger family (Ohana!), tuition business ( Pulau Ilmu), and music project (Sajakiri). That's all.

Sajakiri Music
Last week, I wrote about how I want to build another music platform, Muzikita.com. But today I realised, i was a bit 'overwhelmed' with the work. I already had so much in hand, let alone starting another big and ambitious project. Muzikita.com by itself is a good idea, meant for connecting music enthusiast, and musician alike. But to develop another brand name from scratch, is rather tiring.

Because I realised, my strength in music is not writing blog per se, but songwriting.

From Jim Collin's book, Good to Great, he wrote "what prevent us to become great is not because of lack of opportunity, BUT because we had so much of it.

So, in that sense i 're-format'myself, and will focus on my 'neglected' love, Sajakiri Music, as my one and only music platform.

Pulau Ilmu
As for Pulau Ilmu, alhamdulillah, the business is good. Me and Azizul planned to seek an investor, as we need more cash for working capital. We will offer 20% equity of the share, as Azizul owns 41%, and me 39%.

As I mentioned before, I want to stop 'home tutoring' within 5 years, so I can focus on building the business. What I had in mind, is to develop the system, so we can franchise it later.

This month is the first month ever I will pay my 'tutor' salary. We had enough cash to pay. And also, we will able to monitor the performance of tutor, as we had the "Penilaian Pemahaman".

On a lighter note, me & Ija so looking forward on this 14 Feb, not because of the Valentine's day, but we have an appointment with Dr Zul for a routine check-up. And Insyallah, we will know the baby's gender.

Girl, I hope.