Jumaat, 3 Jun 2011


This is like an article from motivational guru. But indeed this is like a reminder from myself, to myself.

Most people focus on their effort to survive, not thrive. But i think it is not harder to focus on thrive. Perhaps it takes less time and effort too. And of course result too.

Yeah. It sound too easy. What makes its harder is to stay focus. On winning.

Life is full of distraction. Aware on unaware, it will capture us. The best way is to stay away from it. Let the problem take care of itself.

Eventually, if we keep doing and focus on winning, the so-called problem would disappear.

Winning is not hard. To stay focus is.

Rabu, 1 Jun 2011

Surihani : A Sad, or Happy Song?

When I wrote this song, the original tempo was 130 with 4/4 counting. Quite fast & catchy. Happy song with a blooming flowers. But after (series of heartbroken) that, I changed the tempo to 75 with 3/4 counting. Suddenly the song getting attention from my bandmate, friends and family.


Tranquility. Peaceful. Sadly happy (there is such word?). Sayu kegembiraan.

Still, if U listen to the song, it can go either way. U can imagine it's a happy wedding song, (suitable for videography). Yet U can imagine it's a sad song, a black & white memories of long lost love.

For me, I rather let the listener decide their own imagination. It will reveal your deepest hope, or regret.

Ahad, 29 Mei 2011

Add Math Tutor

I love teaching Add Math. I even have site for it :AddMathTutor.com and its FB . Particularly to the students that have interest in Math, they like my class very much. Thank U.

One-to-one home tuition is quite relaxing job, and relatively higher pay per hour, compare with tuition center rate. Ya, the rate a bit low, but the satisfaction of teaching in a classroom is more. A bit tiring, but more fun.

I have an intention to start my own tuition center soon, Insyallah. I have wonderful friend cum teammate to start with; Azizul & Hafizul; both are best tutor in their own field.

We want to name it as "Science & Math Institute". Amin.