Rabu, 21 September 2011

How I Met Her (Part 2)

My first ever word to her : Nama awak Faeza ke? As I glanced thru her name on TV Monitor (for bowling score sheet). We had little bit of chat; I knew she's from KPYM too (same as mine, but she's 6 years junior), and she just started working in Maybank, a few days back. I was eager to ask for her number, but I was afraid if it 'too early' to ask.

But I had an idea; I believe Shafri the organizer should have all the participant's database. Including her. Hehe.

The Next Day

I remembered I had an FB chat with Shafri, and did ask for her number, But he replied, 017-xxx xxxx. As he mentioned (half-jokingly), 'the database is confidential'. Disappointed, but being a clever guy, I asked him her real name. He replied ; Nur Faeza Mahamud.

Then I 'copy and paste' her name on FB Search and voila! I've found her!

After I added her as a friend, I was clueless how to start again. But she started first:

O.o Macam pernah nampak.

Yeay! 2nd voila!

At the time, I stalked over her personal blog; I read her oldest post until the current one, and I learnt everything about her. In the mean time, we just communicate thru wall-to-wall conversation. Nothing personal yet. This went for a few months.

What I've learnt from her blog

She loves cooking!

Being a clever guy again, I asked her speciality, and she said cheesecake.
"Do you take an order?" I asked.
She answered "No, but for U I will make one".


the follow-up conversation with her

Selasa, 20 September 2011

How I Met Her (Part 1)

On December 2008, my long-lost friend, and ex-housemate, Shafri, found me on Facebook. He tried to call me several time, but I was busy with my classes, so I couldn't entertain him immediately. But he insist, and we made a contact after few weeks. It has been 8-years, back in our college day, since the last time day I saw him. 

Shafri organized a bowling tournament, under Silat Cekak Hanafi Club on February 8th 2009, in Ampang Point 5th Floor. I have neither interest in both Silat Cekak (which I joined reluctantly in college day), nor bowling. But I was eager to meet him.

Upon my agreement to attend, Shafri even arranged my transportation with our friend, Tarmizi (Tam) to pick me up at my mum's house in USJ.

On a peaceful Sunday morning, February 8th 2009

Tam came punctually at 730am. I just woke-up, havent prepared for anything. Being a cool guy, Tam gave me 30 minutes for me to prepare myself (he went back to his home). So I had a little time to perform my Subuh (gajah...) and had a breakfast with my family. But I was too lazy to take bath (and 'past motion...', hehe).

After we reached Ampang Point, we met Shafri and had a group hug. Shafri told us that he will playing on a different lane, and I was abit dissapointed because I prefer to play with him, so we can have chat together. He grouped us together ; me, Tam, Abg Khalid (a Silat Cekak Otai), and several 'chicks'. 

Me, 'demotivated', notice something ( or someone?) before the game started....

Isnin, 19 September 2011

2 weeks time

In less than 2 weeks time, insyallah i will get married. Alhamdulillah, so far so good. All has been prepared well. Me & my parent has distributed 400 cards already. Baju Pengantin: check. Catering : check. House : check. Hantaran : WIP. Oh ya, need to buy more door gift. And special thank U to Pn Anita, who will sponsoring my 'bedroom decoration' . Also special thanks to my sis Cpt Doc Yah, for sponsoring my Hantaran, a set of make-up. Love U all.

2nd week of 2009

I wrote the above entry almost 3 years back. For the first time (2nd time actually), I live outside my parent's house. Feeling so lonely at the time. I really have nothing at the time. Only the job I love. Looking back, how amazing my life has been evolve to the better, simply by being thankful.

I started writing '5 things' at the time, consistently write 'what I should be thankful' for the day. It will affect our point of attraction. Gradually, we will shift our own luck. It's like; U have to aware that U are lucky, in order to be lucky.

And hopefully my intention of 'building a school' will materialised, by forming my first-ever tuition center by next year, with Zul & Fizol. This is Science & Math-only tuition center. There is no perfect time other than this time.

I should be thankful to Abah, for his contribution to our future house. I love U. Also to Mak, U helped me alot for the preparation. I love U too. There is urgency in me to become successful sooner, so I can help them both, before its too late.

After 32 years of living, somehow Jalaludin Rumi's wisdom matching with what I've learnt so far ;

You are NOT in this world. THE WORLD IS IN YOU.