Sabtu, 6 Mac 2010


Im glad to have Rozaidi on board. He is really supportive, passionate & sincere to help S & M to work.

He suggested that at least 5 students to start a class. Cool idea (altho it is so obvious)

Thank U.

Khamis, 4 Mac 2010

Awie (Post dated 21 Feb)

Awie, an independent 'paper-insertion expert' (self-proclaim), distributed 5,000 copies of my flyers in Berita Minggu & Mingguan Malaysia in USJ.

The result? ; ONE parent called me, Puan Rosliza.

Well, it was still BETTER than previous one. Little by little.


Rabu, 3 Mac 2010

10,000 Flyers Distribution with SBS (back dated Dec 23 2009)

After 10 days of 10,000 flyers distribution in USJ, by SBS, no one call me. Not even ONE. Funny...i really wonder why.

Selasa, 2 Mac 2010

Location (back dated Oct 31 2009)

I asked permission from Kak Fatimah, to use her husband's 'rarely-used' office in USJ3, for my Centre, she happily agreed.

She & her husband was so nice. I was very glad.