Jumaat, 18 Oktober 2013

Perspective of Abundance vs Perspective of Lack

In every decision we make, it could be only 2 motive ; its either from love or fear. But of course, we subconsciously often make decision based on fear, ie from perspective of lack. Because the idea of losing is more terrifying than the idea of winning.

This is of course, will bring more fear, and in long term, the small fear will accumulated, and we would become merely a survivor, rather than a winner.

Myself included.

After I get married, circumstances seems off-balance. I feel terrified with the idea of being a leader (in a family) than a loner (like before). There is other people in my boat now, not like before, I was alone. Although initially I believe this could be a great journey (I still believe), but the challenges I face is seems greater than what I can cope. Thanks to my co-captain (wife), who gives tremendous support. But I know I got to change my mindset, for the sake of long term.

After I did Project Tapping for 3 month consecutively, I realised something so simple yet so profound, most of my decisions made based on perspective of lack, not abundance. This was so revealing. It was like for the whole time, I was looking for a hole in my boat, rather than looking for a bigger ship for help.

The methodology is simple though. Every time I want to make important decision, I will asked myself, :"why I want to make this, am I fear of something, or am I just feel love and happy doing it". If it was the former, I WILL NOT DOING it. If it was the latter, of course I AM DOING IT!

For practical example; I have an idea to charge my music production service at ridiculously low price, and I asked myself "why I am doing it, what is my perspective?" Suddenly I realised that I want to do it from perspective of lack (fear of nobody want my service).

So I change for the perspective of abundance, I will charge accordingly, and I will give the service the best I could, so my future client gives a thumbs up.

Why not?

Try this. Ask yourself every time "what is my perspective of doing this?".

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Master Yoda berkata...

gua suka artikel ni...mmg kasi up semangat yg tgh sedikit merudum..

dable thumbs up bro


Unknown berkata...

Cayalah Master Yoda. Tak sangka ada orang baca heh.