Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

SongPromotion 2

For Surihani, I am using FB Adverts to advertise. On first day, I got (30 Likes on fb/sajakiri) within 15 minutes. But I reach my Daily Limit within that 15 minutes time. This is reasonably good result. And we'll see whether we need to increase the allocation, after one month experimenting with this.

Other than that I might use Advertorial Advertising in popular blog such as Oh!Media, BeautifulNara or Murai.com. This is like to pay them to write article/blog, about our product offering.

There is a evolution in our marketing. In yesteryears, we used to rely heavily on gatekeepers for approval; media or labels. But now, thanks to Internet, we can direct our own potential customer, partner or fans.

This is tedious work, but I am sure it's worthwhile.

Selasa, 24 Mei 2011


I learn in a hard way. My failure with my previous band, TuLanG, speaks it all. We don't have a fan base, yet we over relying to 'the strength of the song' to make it. Of course it doesn't.

No matter how good your product, U got to find customers. No one enter competition (radio airplay in our case) without a customer, or fan. Vice-versa, if U have strong fan-base, any new product will make an impact; either good or bad way.

Lesson learnt. What will I do differently? I still learning, anyway. My latest single Surihani will not go to radio so soon. I want to market & create awareness in internet first. To create my 'own fan base' first.

Wish me luck.

Ahad, 22 Mei 2011



Writing words seems so much harder than writing song. At least for me.

Tomorrow will be my "Surihani" song launching. Thank U to MegaHanz Hani for your support.

It's been a while i haven't write &arrange song. Compare to last year, almost once a month I will post new songs to facebook.com/sajakiri.

I've found that idea for songwriting is more rare, but when its strike a chord, it only takes 5 minutes. But arranging & producing can take several weeks, or perhaps months.

And writing & arranging are two different animal. The latter is more mentally challenging, time consuming and daunting. The former is more unpredictable.