Jumaat, 9 September 2011

Post Dina : What I've learnt

Alhamdulillah, my blog views for last week skyrocketed from merely 20 views a day, to whopping 400 in average. And my all 6 series of Dina's post is in Top Ten All-Time blog post.
  1. Dina (Part 1) : 251 views
  2. Dina (Part 2) : 470 views
  3. Dina (Part 3) : 154 views
  4. Dina (Part 4) : 270 views
  5. Dina (Part 5) : 72 views
  6. Dina (Part 6) : 89 views
The data as at Sept 9, 2011 1013am. Still counting.

Thanks to daddy Hamdi, and Pn Ida. For sharing this blog to families, relatives and friends. It is a sign of compassion of people out there for their family. And many believes that late Dina live life to the fullest, and nothing to regret.

What I've learnt, so far?

  • I've been teaching for 6 years, and teaching Dina for 5 years. The impact was strong. When she's gone, somehow I feel my passion for teaching goes deeper. I realised how I love my students.I realised how I love teaching.  This is beyond security and money. My determination to build own school has strenghten; I will never give up, never take no for an answer, it a MUST for me now.

  • I feel life is like a dream. Or illusion. Nothing permanent. Nothing real.  Except by U give. Life is not about possession  because when we die will not carry anything material to grave. But life is all about giving, create permanent value and lasting impact to others. 

  • 10% is what happen to us, 90% is how we react. I really inspired by Pn Ida strength. She never lost hope,  and yet thankful for whatever the outcome is. She accept the fate unconditionally. This moves me. 

  • Sometimes life seems unfair, but it still wonderful nevertheless. Now I know myself better. And the love surrounding me. My passion and purpose. The whole story was really personal and meaningful for me.

Thank U Dina. I love U too.

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